Rockal Basalt Raw Material


The raw material basalt rock is a pure volcanic material, which is millions of years old.

basalt3 • Basaltic rock is classified as an inorganic material and has excellent resistance temperature having a melting point greater than 1520 °C USE: As a raw material to produce the rock wool insulation Used in SAUNA ROOMS HEATING PROCESS accompanied with electric heater (approximate quantity 24 kg per 200 cm x 200cm x 200cm room)



• Inorganic material

• High temperature resistance-melting point>1520 °C

• Its composition with refectory oxide components deliberately increased to improve and enhance stability at higher temperatures. • High fire resistance

• No spread of flame
• Extremely low smoke development

• Non-hygroscopic-Non capillary, water repellent and does not absorb moisture from air. Chemically natural (PH7) Or slightly alkaline Asbestos free Non-Carcinogenic