Rockal Felt

Rockal Felt Products are composed of mineral Rock Fibers, processed from the Volcanic Basaltic Rocks. Fibers are Bonded Together With a Thermosetting Binder Which Are Giving Flexibility and Resilience to the Product. ROCKAL felts are normally produced at low densities and Complying with ASTM C-553-92 & ASTM C 465 Requirements.



  • For Thermal and Acoustical Insulation for cold stores, refrigerated tanks & curved duct.
  • Used in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Buildings Especially For prefabricated houses, cavity walls, steel structure buildings under or over purlins and double cladding system, sandwich system, wall partitions ,and poultry farms and suspended ceiling .
  • Helps In Controlling Heat Loss Or Gain And Condensation aluminum foil acts as a vapor barrier prevent condensation.