Rockal Loose Wool

ROCKAL L.W is obtained spinning the molten basalt rocks into thin fibers which is then collected and processed to the production line in loose form. Such collection can be either directly or after breaking (carding)

Rockal Loose Wool

ROCKAL LW is recommended for thermal, Condensation control improvement of soil —less culture and acoustical insulation applications as fire barrier in regular and /or irregular shape in the fo °Wag positions :-
1 cavities 8 Ovens 14 Cements, foundry molds and boards 2 Fire proof doors 9 Improvement of soil —less culture 15 Flanges 3 Partitions 10 Car & exhausts manifold 16 Chimney & fireplace walls 4 Columns 11 Furnace behind brickwork 17 Oxygen plants H Cold boxes 12 Refrigerated cargo-bold 18 Tanks & boilers 6 Expansion joints 13 Fit Quickly into grooves and slots 7 Insulation blankets for gas/steam turbine, diesel generator

Available products:
A. Long fiber
B.carded in short fiber

50 kg/m3, 100 kg/m3 .150kg/m3