Rockal Panels

PanelsRockal Panels are composed of mineral rock fibers, processed from the volcanic basalt rocks. Fibers are bonded together with a thermosetting binder and complying with ASTM 0612 Application.

Use cases:

  • For Thermal and Acoustical Insulation and fire barrier
  • Used in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Buildings especially for prefabricated house.
  • Cold stores, refrigerated tanks and large vessels, bulk heads and ship decks, external duct insult, duct lining cavity walls, steel structure buildings under or over purlins and duple cladding system —sandwich system, wall partitions, floors and suspended calling.
  • Acoustical insulation for seminar & conference rooms, workshops, factories and sport halls.

Available products:
Product Nome Dimension Density kg/m3 Rang (30 To 56 ) Thickness(mm) Thermal Conductivity W/mk @ 10 t Length (m) Width (m) ROCKAL LOP 40 1.20 0.60 40 30 to 100 0.036 TO 0.04 ROCKAL LDP 50 50 ROCKAL LOP 70 70 ROCKAL LDP 100 100 ROCKAL LOP 120 120
Any other sizes can be produced upon special order


ROCKAL panel can be Non-Faced or Faced with Reflective vapor barrier material as aluminum Foil or Non Reflective facing (Kraft paper), bitumen paper, fiber glass tissue (white or black)