Rockal Pipes

ROCKAL Preformed pipes section are made of rock wool fibers spun from molten basalt and bonded by a thermo-setting resin binder The fibers are molded around pipes of different standard diameters at the required thickness and dried to form rigid insulation hollow the cylinders, which is then slit length wise to allow easy, snap o the pipes. ROCKAL preformed pipe sections are manufactured under ASTM C 547 & C 585 Requirements.

Rockal Pipes
ROCKAL preformed pipe insulation is used over a very wide temperature range to insulate all sizes of cold and hot pipes for: Domestic water in building and chemical processes such as in oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical insulation, and desalination plants, HVAC system, oil pipelines. Also for improving acoustical insulation of pipelines I which gas fluids or particle solids are transported at high velocities

Available products:
Product Name Dimension Density Kg/m3 Range (100 To 160 ) Thickness(mm) Thermal Conductivity W/mk @ 10 °C Length (m) PIPE SIZE IN my ROCKAL P5100 1 X”- 24″ 100-160 25 to 100 0.037 TO 0.040

Any other sizes can be produced upon special order FACING: ROCKAL preformed pipe insulation is non-faced or faced with reflective vapor barrier material as aluminum foil.