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Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation is a type of soundproofing that attempts to prevent sound from entering or exiting an enclosed space by creating some a barrier between the interior and the exterior area.

Noise Pollution can have a significant impact on people’s health. Those living and working in cities are especially vulnerable. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 52% of the Global population is exposed to road traffic noise with an equivalent sound pressure level exceeding a healthy amount. At night, more than 30% are exposed to noise levels that are disturbing to sleep. Controlling outside noise isn’t always possible, but acoustic insulation can offer valuable solutions.


Because sound is able to travel in more than one fashion, the exact process and choice of materials used to manage sound insulation will vary. In some cases, the insulation does effectively reduce sound transmission, but does not completely eliminate the transmission of sounds.


There’s an extensive list of soundproofing materials that you can choose from, for various applications.

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