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High temperature insulation touches people’s everyday lives. While we serve specialist sectors and industries, Rockal provides insulation solutions for products that are part of the fabric of how we live today. These products include fan-assisted and convection heaters, microwave ovens, toasters, hairdryers and other white goods.
Manufacturers of white goods are operating in a fiercely competitive marketplace where they must reconcile maintaining affordability while offering significant refinements and better end-products for the consumer.
We Rockal supports these manufacturers, and contribute to the continuing safety of domestic appliances with versatile solutions that combine adaptable high temperature insulation with thermal conductivity.

Efficiency and Performance in Cooking Appliances

For cooking appliances, we apply thermal insulation mainly to prevent heat loss through conduction. However, insulation is also vital for more than energy efficiency. It is also important to prevent heat transfer to other surfaces, thereby ensuring the safety of the appliance.
From the oven manufacturers’ perspective, they are under constant pressure to deliver products that heat quicker and more accurately. Ovens and cookers, therefore, keep getting hotter while also containing more sophisticated and sensitive components for thermal control and accuracy.


Supporting Dielectric Heating for Microwaves

Microwave ovens were once an elite addition to the average kitchen, but modern makes combine cost-effectiveness with advanced manufacturing efficiency.
However, as with other consumer appliances, the fundamental principles of how microwave ovens heat up remain unchanged. Microwave heating is dielectric heating. This means subjecting the interior of the oven to a very high frequency electromagnetic field.
The high temperatures this process generates, however, must be contained, to prevent energy loss, and to protect the appliance. Fiber Glass / Supreme Fiber sheets are ideal for this form of high temperature insulation, due to their flexibility and excellent dielectric properties.


Insulation for Heaters in the Home

Various forms of home heating come as commonplace consumer appliances, including fan heaters and convection heaters.
Both rely on electric heating elements for how they function. Fan heaters use a fan to pass air over their heating elements. Convection heaters, on the other hand, use radiant heat, by forcing cold air into the heater, where it then moves across the heating element.
In both kinds of appliance, insulation is key to protect the components, the body of the device and, ultimately, the user.


Can We Support Your Product?

Fiber glass is the conventional material of choice for thermal insulation in such appliances, but a shift change in favor of higher performance alternative Rockal Supreme fiber is now shaking up what has been, until recently, a relatively steady marketplace.
Supreme Fiber, our new product is ideal for meeting these kinds of insulation requirements. It provides a high temperature insulation range include supreme slabs, supreme rolls – all of which are flexible and supremely adaptable.

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