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Thermal Insulations for Pipework, Pumps,
Manifolds, Exhausts, and Burners:
The provision of thermal insulation at industrial facilities is often initiated by a desire to increase safety and process reliability, and at the same time to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Thermal insulation is for example applied on hot surfaces like exhaust systems to protect personnel against burning. It can be applied as an anti-freezing system on e.g., portable water lines or fire water lines. Also, processes can be further optimized by improving process heat conservation or by avoiding crystallization or coagulation of media.


The thickness of the applied insulation will be fully dependable on the installation or pipework and defined thermal requirements. Also, metal casings are often an integral part of the insulation to provide even further protection or to enable an easy removal of the insulation for maintenance purposes.


With well-engineered thermal insulation big savings can be achieved. Not only savings in production costs but also in an indirect way reducing CO2, NOx and SO2 emissions and minimizing carbon footprint of end products.


Acoustic Insulation for compressors and high-pressure piping systems:

High noise levels in the industry often occur when processes are operated at high pressure and with fast moving or turbulent media. Acoustic insulation systems for industrial applications in general have two objectives; to protect staff working in the vicinity of the installations and to reduce noise emissions to the environment, especially in densely populated areas.


Acoustical insulation systems may consist of materials which are installed directly on piping or equipment, but can also be complete compressor enclosures.


The design of the systems is determined by demands of the client, external factors and noise levels that need to be achieved due to for example health regulations. Acoustical insulation can be combined with thermal insulation materials to not only reduce the sound emission but also prevent energy loss.

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