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ROCKAL is proud to offer up-to-date state of the art manufacturing technologies that support the construction revolution and mega projects all over the world and reflect on price as well.
ROCKAL provides Wide range of insulation materials and reliable solutions that facilitate making a choice that is best for the project in both in price and in quality.
ROCKAL materials are used in the construction of houses, plants, HVAC systems, infrastructure and many applications.
We are proud of ROCKAL products. Our high-quality insulation materials are produced from plain raw components taking into consideration the environmental impact and practice the latest sustainability measures while producing our products.
We care about our environment, energy efficiency of buildings & cutting down operational and construction costs as well as our consumption of energy in ROCKAL plants.
We enjoy seeing our production accredited and Complying with European, American and International standards, and introducing ROCKAL as a global brand.

Flexible Duct (Insulated & Non-Insulated)

ROCKAL flexible ducts are fully flexible high quality thermally insulated ducts for various purposes. The ducts consist of an ROCKAL inner core shielding the fiberglass insulation from the airstream with a tough outer jacket/vapor barrier constructed of multiple layers of aluminum laminated construction and reinforced with fiberglass. The ducts are easily installed over either round or oval connection.

Flexible Duct Connector:

ROCKAL Flexible Duct Connector Designed to isolate equipment noise and vibration from the ductwork, flexible duct connector consists of a fabric that is secured to the sheet metal on both sides. Typically, the connector is inserted between the equipment and the ductwork. Flexible duct connectors are widely used in air conditioning systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Adhesive 85-20


ROCKAL Adhesive 85-20 is a high tack, rapid setting water-base adhesive designed for bonding low density & high-density duct liner, duct wrap and fibrous glass insulations to painted or unpainted steel, galvanized or aluminum surfaces. ROCKAL Adhesive is a solvent free, very low VOC synthetic elastomer emulsion. It is non-flammable when wet and fire-resistive when dry. It can be applied to either the metal or the insulation. ROCKAL Adhesive is ideal for bonding fibrous glass insulation to concrete, block and other masonry surfaces in building construction.


Aluminum Foil Tape

ROCKAL Aluminum foil tape is a specialty tape effectively backed with dead soft Aluminum foil coated with a modified acrylic adhesive system & siliconized paper liner. Since we are manufacturers of the Aluminum tape with conductive adhesive, we can offer all adhesive options such as synthetic adhesive, solvent acrylic, or water-based acrylic, which are too in different thicknesses.



Aluminum Jacketing is manufactured from aluminum alloy 3003 or 1050 in compliance with ASTM B209. These alloys offer exceptional formability, corrosion resistance, toughness and mechanical properties to resist mechanical or thermal stresses in service. Aluminum jacketing is widely used for insulation, construction, roofing, industrial cladding, profiling, ducting and many other applications.  In addition to above alloys, we can also offer Aluminum 1050 and 1060 based on availability.   Emissivity (Ɛ) of bare oxidized aluminum alloy is 0.15 – 0.25.

ROCKAL Cladding is an Aluminum jacket with a factory applied heat laminated moisture barrier on the underside. The moisture     barrier is a coextruded film which uses in a three layers composition to ensure the elimination of pin-holes, imparting excellent moisture resistance property to the film.  The barrier isolates the jacketing material from underlying layers of insulation, avoiding any metal-to-metal contact to prevent corrosion. Total thickness of the film is 3 mil (75 μm).  ROCKAL Cladding jacketing is ASTM C1729 Class A compliant.

Anchor Pin

ROCKAL Pin Anchors are excellent for light-duty, tamperproof applications in concrete, block, brick or stone (not recommended for overhead applications). These anchors are very quick and easy to install—just hammer in the drive pin until it is fully seated.

ROCKAL Pin Anchors are made of a tough, corrosion-resistant alloy body with stainless or carbon steel pins. They are available in either a flat- or mushroom-head style.


Rockal Calcium Silicate Pipe Support Insulation made from tobermolite (5CaO.6SiO2 .5H2 0) crystal reinforced with non-asbestos fibers. It is a rigid material exhibiting high compressive strength, low shrinkage value and low thermal conductivity, high heat resistance at high service temperature. It is non-toxic and chemically stable.

It is known as the stability in different temperatures, asbestos-free, non-corrosive to stainless steel and maintain high thermal insulation properties even at 650 ºC Type I and 1000 ºC Type II. It is widely used in power plants, petrochemical plants, pipeline systems equipment, as well as heating pipe network system.


ROCKAL DUCT SEALANT 32-17 is a single component, anti-fungus, asbestos free, water-based sealant. It provides a highly flexible vapor barrier seal for low to high velocity heating and air conditioning ducts. It provides a durable seal against air when used with or without reinforced tape. It has excellent weather resistance, allowing it to be used outdoors and in environments with high humidity.

Stick Up Pin

ROCKAL self-adhesive pins are designed for fitting insulation materials to smooth surfaces without using any additional tools. It’s great for quick and easy application. It can be used or fitting rigid or flexible insulation materials such as foam, Insulation Rockwool boards, etc. Insulation Stuck up pins are dependable, long-lasting and safe for fixing insulation to HVAC, ceiling and ducting purpose. These hangers are perfect to fix to substrate with blind rivets, adhesive or other mechanical fixing methods. HVAC Insulation supplies stuck up pin comes up with a self-sticking base for insulation hanger. These pins are designed for fixing insulation material to highly smooth surfaces such as air duct chambers & enclosures. They consist of a nail and washer which holds the insulation


Wooden Pipe Support

ROCKAL Pipe Supports have superior compression properties and excellent natural resistance to rot, decay, and termites.

The main functions of a pipe support are to anchor, guide, absorb shock, and support a specified load. Pipe supports used in high or low temperature applications may contain insulation materials. The overall design configuration of a pipe support assembly is dependent on the loading and operating conditions.

It’s considered the safest, most efficient & most effective way to control movement at the hanger locations in a dynamic piping system.


ROCKAL Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Pipe insulation is a CFC Free rigid closed-cell, high-performance insulation for pipe, cold, cryogenic, vessel, equipment and duct applications. ROCKAL offers complete range of pipe insulation products in a selection of densities and compressive strengths. ROCKAL Polyisocyanurate-rate insulation features one of the lowest ambient k-factors among all pipe insulations of <0.023 W/m. k @ mean temperature of 10 ºC (0.159 BTU · in/hr. · ft2 · ºF at 50 ºF and can be used for the temperature range from -183 ºC to 149 ºC (-297 ºF to +300 ºF).


ROCKAL Polyurethane CFC Free Rigid Foam (PUR) is one of the most efficient, high performance insulation material, enabling very effective energy savings with minimal occupation of space. ROCKAL Manufacturers CFC free rigid closed cell foam in a wide range of densities for different applications. ROCKAL Polyurethane CFC Free Rigid Insulation is 95% closed cell and provides a long end satisfactory service life.

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