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Cathedral - New Capital

About The Project

The new Cathedral is located east of Ard El-Maared Expo project, south of the central park of the New Administrative Capital, covering an area of 15 acres, or 63,000 square meters.
It is the largest cathedral in the Middle East, accommodating 9,200 people. 1000 engineers, technicians and workers took about 23 months, from February 2017 until the end of December 2018.

The church was built with the contribution of the Egyptians, “Muslims and Christians”.
The small church of the cathedral, where the Christmas Mass held, was partially opened in January 2018, and it was attended by President El-Sisi until the official inauguration on January 6, 2019.

Products Used


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Glass Wool

Glass wool, also known as fiber glass is made from a mixture of natural and recycled glass and is then spun quickly to create fibers.

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HVAC Accessories

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Elastomeric Rubber Foam

Elastomeric Rubber Foam insulation is a synthetic rubber composed of a closed-cell structure available in factory-made tubes,

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